Moojan Azar is an Iranian artist, currently living in Izmir, Turkey. She was born and raised in Tehran. Her main focus is on energy; She paints energies. She paints forests, flowers, people and animals, like before they were manifested physically; when they were energy. She paints their inner being, what she sees and perceives as their inner being and focuses on the light, literally and metaphorically. She imagines what they were before they were born on earth. She paints the spirit of the forests, the flowers…

Fereshteh Gallery, Group Exhibition, Tehran – 2018


B.A. in Painting from Art & Architecture Azad University (Central Branch), Tehran – Iran


Solo exhibition

  • Spirit of the forest, Daargoun Art Gallery, Tehran, 2017

Group exhibitions

  • Cats Are not for Sale, Sarvenaz Art Gallery, Shiraz, 2019
  • Flower Design, Matsuyama Design Week, Japan, 2018
  • A Timeless Journey in Landscape, Fereshteh Art Gallery, Tehran, 2018
  • This is not an Auction 2, Daargoun Art Gallery, Tehran, 2018
  • Chaos, Ariana Art Gallery, Tehran, 2017
  • Image of the year contest, photography, Tehran, 2007

Art Curation

  • Cats Are not for Sale, group exhibition, Sarvenaz Art Gallery, Shiraz, 2019
  • Cats Are not for Sale, group exhibition, Daargoun Art Gallery, Tehran, 2019